Evolve and Live the Life You Want to Live

Achieve Your Full Potential with Evolve: Peak Performance System (PPS) for Leaders

In this Course You’ll Discover How To:

Eliminate self sabotaging beliefs forever

Overcome stress and burnout

Breakthrough plateaus to achieve success

Invest in Yourself

Experience abundance and joy in your personal relationships and more.

Maybe you don’t feel on top of your game. Or perhaps you feel stuck and worry that business opportunities are passing you by. It could even be that you’re concerned that your current stress levels are negatively impacting your health and relationships with your team and family.

This is not a personal failure. During your formative years, your brain wired itself with core beliefs about who you are, what you can do, and what your place is in the world. Now it’s stuck in the emotional programming it developed when you were a child.

The question now is, what are you going to do about it? Because you can do something. Using strategies developed by years of neuroscience research, you can hack your brain and rewire your thoughts. Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. But will you?

Hone in on Your Individual Needs

You are capable of creating the life you want to live now.

Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are your worst enemy. Learn how to delete negative self talk and accelerate your business success, strengthen relationships, and rejuvenate your health. The best part? Once your emotional blueprint is updated, it is transformed forever.

Overcome stress and burnout

Stress, lack of focus, burnout, and more are likely due to the mental blueprint installed during your toddler years. That blueprint may have served you well as a child but as an adult, it starts to sabotage your success. Discover how to recognize and replace patterns set in childhood with those that will give you freedom and joy in your adult life.

Break through plateaus to achieve success

Roadblocks begin early in life due to core beliefs your brain formed about who you are, what you can do, and what your place is in the world. Unlock strategies to address these so they don’t stay with you forever.

“Rochelle appeared in my life during a pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey, as I was beginning to waiver off path – and not just professionally – but mentally, physically, and spiritually. Through her assistance, my energy and mental health are restored, I’m connected with my spiritual being, my career and personal goals are being achieved, and I am fit physically. A serious investment in yourself is obviously the best investment you can make.”

B. Jackson | Owner of The Sandler Sales Coaching Program

Live the way you want to live

Live the way you want to live

The Science and Secret Behind Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting™

Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting is a coaching process based in neuroscience and the understanding of how your brain’s wiring creates your beliefs, which lead to your results in life. This coaching system works!

But don’t just take our word for it. Trust the science:

Achieve unprecedented breakthroughs

Your brain has an incredible capacity to rewire itself and form new neural connections throughout your life thanks to neuroplasticity. This means that you can achieve success like never before by hacking your brain’s ability to change.

Rewire your brain to succeed

Hebb’s Law proves that brain neurons connect in pairs and grow stronger over time. By consciously reshaping your thoughts through focused mental exercises, you can forge new neural pathways so you can accomplish whatever you want.

Optimize your abilities

Your brain gives energy to thoughts it thinks will help and deletes those it doesn’t. Cultivating thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that support your goals allows your brain to adapt and optimize your functioning.

Unlock your full potential and pave the way for a brighter future on an extraordinary journey of mindset transformation in your own life.

“Emotional Blueprinting was an incredible program for me. I had some roadblocks I was dealing with when it came to business. I had been searching for something to help me with my mindset. I knew the power of my mind but didn’t know how to access my true potential. I was able to leave my job and start my own business very quickly. I knew I needed to do this for years but it took the coaching from Rochelle and her team to get me to take action. I am extremely grateful for the coaching I received and would recommend it to anyone looking to take 10 steps forward. I feel so much better and confident now and can’t wait for what’s to come.”

M. DeHart | Highline Financial Coaching

Your Blueprint to Success

Smash through roadblocks and see results in as little as eight weeks with Evolve Peak Performance System.

Stop feeling stuck, delete your self-sabotaging thoughts, and break the patterns holding you back so you can start living with greater peace and abundance.

Here’s how we do it:


We’ll start with a personal assessment to discover your current Emotional Intelligence Blueprint and uncover the hidden barriers, diversions, and self-defeating actions that are impeding your success and happiness.


Based on your assessment, we’ll help you create a personalized plan to update your Emotional Intelligence Blueprint based upon your subconscious patterns, values and beliefs. We’ll also decide on “Evidence of Success” to recognize when transformation is taking place and create success measures.


We’ll begin to implement our scientific strategies to remove and rewire your personal roadblocks and limiting beliefs while reducing daily stress, anxiety and challenges. You’ll begin to implement these in your day to day practice.

Success Audit

It’s essential to monitor progress, so together we’ll do a weekly accounting of your evidence of success and behavioral changes to ensure your Emotional Intelligence Blueprint is updating, and make adjustments as necessary.


As you begin to update your Emotional Intelligence Blueprint, we’ll implement further protocols that focus on revitalizing your decision making and integrating your subconscious and conscious mind to achieve personal success with greater speed and ease.


In as few as three weeks, you’ll begin to recognize where your habits and behaviors are already undergoing radical changes; however, we’ll continue to optimize these to ensure your new blueprint is deeply ingrained, leading to sustained happiness and long lasting change.

Sneak a Peek

Check out what you’ll master in the Evolve course.
Our unique coaching program uses proven scientific strategies to eliminate your unproductive habits. Unlock your ability to work more productively and decisively through course downloads, videos, meditation tracks, and bonus materials that you can work through at your own pace in eight weeks.

Week 1 - Your Journey of Transformation Begins

Understand the neuroscience behind Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting and begin uncovering the “root cause” of your problem.

Week 2: Eliminate Your Inner Critic, Part 1

Explore the three distinct parts of your mind, how they work, and how that will help you begin to remove the five big negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt).

Week 3: Eliminate Your Inner Critic, Part 2

Open the gates to your subconscious mind so you can learn to use your feelings as your GPS and align your relationships for success.

Week 4: Eliminate Your Inner Critic, Part 3

Learn how to eliminate anxiety in four minutes or less, understand your limiting decisions, and find freedom from the fear of failure.

Week 5: Feel Better Every Day

Discover how to supercharge your past positive emotions so you can restore your positive emotions in challenging moments in the present.

Week 6: Unleash Your Inner Hero

Take time to consider the art of contemplation, how it can help you overcome those feelings of being stuck, and how you can move into your circle of excellence.

Week 7: Future Casting

Learn the 80/20 Rule for peak performance, how to get rid of procrastination, and how to set goals for future success.

Week 8: Optimize Your Changes & Prepare for the Future

Explore the difference between visioning and visualization so you can create the future self you want to be. (Plus, how to establish a morning routine to get there!)

Eliminate your unproductive habits and break free from limiting beliefs so you can unlock your ability to work more productively, decisively, and stress-free today!

Only you can choose the life you want to live

Reprogram the emotional blueprint that governs your life so you can live stress-free, discover your true purpose, develop healthier relationships, build your business, and experience greater physical, mental, and financial health.

Ready to Break Free?

Unique Methods and Protocols

Each program will teach you the techniques you need to break unproductive habits and start responding with intention.

Personalized Coaching

Meeting with our trained and specialized coaches, you’ll unlock your purpose and learn to work and live with greater peace, ease, and flow.

Support Continued Growth

Our Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting community is always available to you for questions, support and celebration of your growth.

Two Convenient Purchase Options

1 payment of $5000

2 Payments of $2500 Over 2 Months