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Unlock Your Maximum Power and Become a Great Manifester

Quantum Shift: Activate the 12 Laws of the Universe for Unstoppable Success

In This 12-Week Audio Program, Spend Just 20 Minutes/Week, You’ll Learn How To:

Manifest your greatest desires

Reach a higher level of happiness

Achieve peace balanced with abundance

Leverage the 12 ancient laws that run the world

Law of Attraction or Manifesting Not Working for You?

With our downloadable, self-paced lessons and meditations for each law, it’s easy to make these powerful principles work for you!

Have you been using the Law of Attraction and getting inconsistent results? Or none? Does manifesting not work the way you hoped it would? Concerned you’re doing something wrong? It’s not you! You’re just missing information.

Most discussions of the Law of Attraction leave out the other 11 pieces of the manifesting puzzle. Without them, your efforts won’t have the results you’re looking for. To truly manifest your desires, you need to know the other 11 and make them all work together. When you combine the power of all 12 laws, you’ll amplify their power for maximum results.

With Quantum Shift: Activate the 12 Laws of the Universe for Unstoppable Success, you’ll shed your old mindset and live the life you DESERVE.

Reclaim Control of Your Life

The world in which you live is of your own making.

Embrace a new outlook

Believe it or not, you choose your own reality. It is possible to feel great no matter what’s going on around you, every day. Tapping into the Law of Vibration and the Law of Relativity can help!

Explore your full potential

The stories we tell ourselves create roadblocks and barriers to what we can truly achieve. Understanding the Laws of Attraction and Inspired Action can help change your narrative for greater success!

Manage your emotions

Your inner thoughts and feelings directly affect your outside world. Knowing how to leverage the power of the Law of Correspondence and the Law of Transmutation of Energy helps you channel and control your emotions in positive ways.

“Through working with Rochelle and Scott, I’ve been able to dispatch my inner demons and come to the conclusion that I deserve success through my hard work, development of others and looking beyond myself to attract the life I once only believed was a figment of my imagination. From a numbers standpoint, my revenue has increased by 25% and I relax, knowing that I deserve the success that comes my way…and because of that, I receive and give more. This couldn’t have happened without Rochelle and Scott’s work and for that, I’m eternally grateful to them and their company. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you!”

G. Coyne | CEO Coach and Trainer

Start living your best life now!

The Secrets Behind Quantum Shift

The reality is, you are in control of everything in your life, everywhere, always. The greater truth is that you have always been in charge. You unknowingly allowed yourself to take part in the illusion that you control nothing. This level of thinking keeps you from feelings of happiness, acceptance, prosperity and peak performance.

Break Free from the Illusion

It is up to you to reclaim control of your life, your well being and your results. Good day or bad, the condition of the day, or anything else, is entirely up to you. It always has been. This program is designed to restore your control of you, using the ancient wisdom of the 12 Universal Laws of Existence.

Apply the Lessons

Once you know the 12 Universal Laws and learn to apply them, you are incapable of returning to your old way of thinking, believing and doing. You will discard your old mindset like an old worn-out coat and embrace a beautiful new outlook of joy, peace and abundance – ultimately creating the life you have always desired and always deserved.

Find Your Joy

Fulfilling relationships, prosperity, peace, the ability to find joy in every moment – who doesn’t want these? Once you understand the 12 Universal Laws and how powerfully they combine to enable you to manifest your dreams, you’ll have an easier time seeing the good all around you.

Harness the power that lies within you with Quantum Shift: Activate the 12 Laws of the Universe for Unstoppable Success.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Rochelle and Scott. I worked with Rochelle and Scott when I enrolled in a transformative course. They under promise and over deliver, and I can confidently attest to the profound impact it had on my everyday life and career.

Since completing the course, I have integrated newly acquired knowledge into my work. However, I have also become recognized as an authority in my field. The fundamentals taught to me have been instrumental in achieving outstanding results in my personal life, future and organization.

Moreover, their positive attitude and commitment to excellence and helping others are contagious, fostering a culture of continuous learning in my life.”

M. Litwin | Regional Sales Executive at Adaptiq

Your Path to Happiness

Understand universal laws and see changes in your life in just 12 weeks in Mastering Quantum Shift!

Stop sabotaging your success and happiness.


Here’s how to use this program to change your life:

Focus on One Law Each Week

Set aside 20 minutes one day each week to listen to the recording and contemplate the lesson. Each week’s lesson builds upon the prior week, so please follow these in the order they are given and only listen to one per week in order to truly understand and begin to embody the learnings.

Put it in Writing

Use a journal to keep notes on your learnings and gauge your daily progress as you learn, practice, and begin to embody each of these laws. Download the course and review your lessons and meditations with access for a full year!

Wear Headphones

The sounds, melodies, and frequencies that accompany each lesson were carefully selected to enhance relaxation, comprehension, and enable right brain (creative) and left brain (analytical) synergy. As a result, it is best experienced through headphones. You will notice that as you listen, your body will relax and drift toward sleep, while your mind remains alert and awake. This is perfectly normal.

Work Your Mental Muscles

Do the exercises as many times as it takes for you to internalize the learnings. You will know you gained insight as you will feel a rush of energy that always accompanies insight and breakthrough.

Sneak a Peek

Check out what you’ll explore in the Quantum Shift Course:

There is a hidden code, like a hidden weave or a fabric, that connects and guides everything in existence. 12 ancient laws are the threads of this weave. These 12 laws are unconstrained by time or space, and are therefore universal. They don’t govern your life, rather they guide your thoughts, beliefs, and actions that attract your destiny of a loving, fulfilling, and joyful life.

Once you’ve become aware of, and live by, these laws you will notice how easy life becomes. You are embarking on a transformational journey of awareness. Completion of this series is your commitment to you and an investment in your future self. Embarking on this journey is the manifestation of your desire to move to a new greater, positive perspective on life itself.


Week 1: The Law of Oneness


Week 2: The Law of Transmutation of Energy


Week 3: The Law of Vibration


Week 4: The Law of Correspondence


Week 5: The Law of Attraction


Week 6: The Law of Cause and Effect


Week 7: The Law of Inspired Action


Week 8: The Law of Rhythm


Week 9: The Law of Compensation


Week 10: The Law of Relativity


Week 11: The Law of Polarity


Week 12: The Law of Gender

Ready to Smash the Illusions?

Carefully Crafted Lessons

Each program will teach you about a specific universal law you can apply to your everyday life to build the world you want.

Daily Practice and Commitment

Your daily journal helps you stay on track with your practice so you can build a better life more quickly and consistently.

Support Continued Growth

The lessons are available whenever you need a refresher or a reminder of who you really are and what you are capable of.

You have the power to reshape your world!

Break free from the illusions that hold you back! Learn that you were always in control and how you can get it back.

This self-paced, audio-only program is available for just $229 and gives you access to download the lessons and meditations for a full year.