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Unlock Your Mind’s Potential

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Get groundbreaking strategies to rewire your neural pathways and obliterate limiting beliefs so you can unlock limitless potential.

You can break free from limiting beliefs.

We know what it feels like to feel stuck and not be able to focus on what really matters—feeling that no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to move forward.

You’ve probably already tried all the things–coaching, leadership books, journaling, meditation, or talk-therapy– to tap into the mental space you need to find the success you know you’re capable of, but nothing seems to stick. It’s defeating to say the least.

At Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting, we get it.

We’ve been there ourselves! That’s why we developed Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting, to help executives just like you overcome self-sabotaging beliefs to experience peace, ease, and abundance both in your professional and personal life.

Here’s how we do it:

Unique Methods and Protocols

Each program will teach you the techniques you need to break unproductive habits and start responding with intention.

Personalized Coaching

Meeting with our trained and specialized coaches, you’ll unlock your purpose and learn to work and live with greater peace, ease, and flow.

Support Continued Growth

Our Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting community is always available to you for questions, support and celebration of your growth.

Our system is based on science-backed research around how our brains work, helping you rewire your brain to experience lasting success. We’ll help you learn the techniques you need to break through plateaus and reach your fullest potential.

What is Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting?

Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting is a proprietary coaching process based in neuroscience and the understanding of how your brain’s wiring creates your beliefs which cause your actions and lead to results you experience right now.

If you have ever wondered “why” you react a certain way to specific situations or people, it’s because those reactions have been wired into your brain from your early childhood years.

Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting updates your beliefs and negative self talk while removing your roadblocks and self-sabotage mechanisms, allowing you to sleep better, lose weight, achieve business success, cultivate rewarding relationships, and discover your soul’s true purpose

About Our Success Blueprint

We get it: we’ve heard “unique methods and personalized coaching” before too, and then received common, run-of-the mill approaches and chat sessions that never lead to real change.

But our unique approach is truly that: unique. It’s unlike anything you’ll experience elsewhere. Through our Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting, we’ll provide:


Uncover the hidden barriers, diversions and self-defeating actions that are impeding your success and happiness. But don’t worry: rest assured that your private life remains confidential, without any obligation to revisit your past.


Based on our assessment, we’ll create a personalized Emotional Intelligence Blueprint based on your subconscious patterns, values and beliefs, and determine Evidences of Success to recognize when transformation is taking place.


Through our expert one-to-one coaching and scientific-based brain trainings, we’ll begin the removal and rewiring of your personal roadblocks and limiting beliefs while reducing your daily stress, anxiety and challenges.

Success Audit

We believe you should be able to see and understand how you’re brain is changing! That’s why we provide a weekly accounting of your evidence of success and behavioral changes to ensure your emotional intelligence blueprint is updating.


Our proprietary protocols focus on revitalizing your decision making and integrating your subconscious and conscious mind to achieve personal success with greater speed and ease. You’ll begin to recognize this integration over time.


As you begin to recognize your evidences of success and integration, we’ll help you identify how you can optimize your habits and behaviors to ensure the new blueprint is deeply ingrained, leading to sustained happiness and long lasting change.

The Results You Want

Our clients experience truly life-changing results that last for the long term and often manifest within the first 3-5 weeks. We establish individualized benchmarks at the outset of the program to ensure you witness your desired outcomes right from the start.

Results span a wide spectrum, including:

Greater peace of mind
Increased wealth
Weight loss
Enhanced health
Decreased stress
Better focus
Increased organizational skills
Elevated happiness

If you’re after results, Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting is the way to get them – in just 90 days.

About the Creators

You are capable of creating the life you want to live now.

Rochelle Carrington

Rochelle is a renowned speaker and coach who helps successful people retrain their subconscious minds for peak performance. With over 30 years of experience in coaching, sales, and sales management, she has advised and trained thousands of business executives around the world. Her unique blend of coaching is sometimes referred to as “the velvet hammer” – a gentle yet strong approach that helps clients get the results they desire while staying accountable and focused.

Dr. Scott McKenna

Scott holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and has dedicated over 30 years to shaping young minds for future success at the university level. He has coached many high achievers to reach their full potential using his extensive knowledge of how the mind functions and best practices for upgrading it. His upcoming book, based on his unique insights into the wiring of the mind, is scheduled for release next spring.