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Unlock Your Mind’s Potential

Overcome self-sabotage, stress, and burnout with our free ebook: BioHacking Your Brain 101

Get groundbreaking strategies to rewire your neural pathways and obliterate limiting beliefs so you can unlock limitless potential.

Break Through Plateaus and Elevate Your Potential

Executive mindset coaching to eliminate unproductive habits and deliver lasting change.

Avoid Burnout

Exceed Your Goals

Embrace Abundance

Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting helps leaders who have thought:


I feel stuck and not moving forward
I’m not in control of my emotions, thoughts or behaviors
I can’t seem to hold myself accountable
I’m tired, sick, and feeling burned out
I want to be more productive and do what really matters
I feel like I am capable of so much more

Get back on top in as little as 60 days

Our proprietary system transforms every corner of your life


Letting go of self-sabotaging beliefs upgrades your thoughts which creates more productive actions and better results.

Career & Business

By increasing your ability to focus and make decisions easily, your efficiency increases by 33%.

Stronger Connections

Lower stress and greater personal satisfaction give you more energy and patience for the most important people in your life.

Health & Wellness

When stress is eliminated and replaced with feelings of peace, ease & abundance it results in revived energy, improved sleep and lost weight.

As a successful business owner and a personal and professional development practitioner, I was fairly concerned with roadblocks that seemed to have constantly appearing in day to day activities across a few life areas. Being aware of those glass ceilings made it an easy decision to work on my Emotional Blueprinting and within only 60 days the positive and life-changing results started to show in all of the most important areas of my life and business. If attaining ambitious goals and being rewarded by clarity of thought, a calm nature, amazing and fruitful relationships and full conviction in everything you do is important to you, get in touch with Emotional Blueprinting, it is purely amazing!

J. Abraham

Live the way you want to live

Unlock Your Ability to Work More Productively, Decisively, and Stress-free

Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting Coaching Plans Include:

Unique Methods and Protocols

Grounded in neuroscience, each program delivers tailored coaching to break unproductive habits and start responding with intention.

Personalized Coaching

Meeting with our trained and specialized coaches, you’ll unlock your purpose and learn to work and live with greater peace and abundance.

Support Continued Growth

Our Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting community is always available for questions, support and celebration.

Our unique coaching programs help eliminate unproductive habits so leaders can break the patterns holding them back and start living with greater peace and abundance.

Silence your inner critic

Silence your inner critic

Unlike Any Coaching You’ve Experienced

If you’re like most leaders, you’ve tried it all—coaching, leadership books, journaling, meditation, and talk-therapy. But you still feel stuck, worried that business opportunities are passing you by. You’re also concerned your current stress levels are negatively impacting your health and relationships with your team and family.

At Emotional Intelligence Blueprinting, we know you want to eliminate unproductive habits and break through to the next level. And what’s more, we know you don’t have time to waste.

Our unique coaching program is designed to help you see results in a few short weeks that build into lasting change. Working with our team of experienced coaches will teach you the techniques you need to break the patterns holding you back and help you start living with greater peace and abundance.

Working with Rochelle and Scott has transformed everything for me! They helped me uncover and eliminate some deeply held beliefs that were holding me back. Now they are helping me create the life I want and know I am capable of creating.

J. Caywood